Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope everyone had a day filled with family, friends, fun and food.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm pitiful...

I am totally ashamed of myself. Since I got my Kindle and Nook, I've spent so much time reading and looking for freebies and good deals that I haven't done a freaking damn review for MONTHS. I have 4 huge piles of books sitting on my desk awaiting reviews, plus lots of sticky notes with all the e-books I've read written on them.

I know there is no way in hell that I can catch up doing a review for every single book in these stacks. Some of them I don't even remember what they were about! I'll have to pick and choose the ones that people would really care about. And maybe some minis for some of the others. I'm gonna start tomorrow. If I get at least ONE done, I know I'll be able to get back on track.

Hey, at least I've finally broken my "I've not posted in forever" status!

New Toy!

Yep, I definitely had to get one of these! I love my electronic toys - especially my Kindle. My Dad went ahead and ordered a new Kindle Touch with 3G (he already has a Kindle Keyboard) and ordered my nephew a Kindle Touch with Wi-Fi for Christmas. I have a Kindle Keyboard and a Nook 1st generation, and I love them both (but prefer the Kindle, as I've already stated). But I NEEDED one of these! Didn't have the money for it, so the folks lent it to me and ordered it for me. I can't wait!!!! Besides wanting it so I can use apps to play, I also loved the idea of being able to hold another 6000 books. Seriously, you wouldn't believe all the stuff I've got on my two e-readers already.

I'm also thinking about getting Amazon Prime. I was thinking $79 a year was a lot, but when broken down, it's only about $7 a month. And there are some pretty good movies and t.v. shows you can get with Prime.

Seriously, it's a sickness.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I WAS on a roll....

That certainly didn't last very long, did it? Because I've been reading like a crazy person. My "read" pile may very well kill me if it topples over.

What's even worse? Well, I spend hours upon hours looking for free and reduced books on Amazon for my Kindle. And if that wasn't enough, now I've got a new Nook! We had gotten one for Dad for Father's Day and his birthday. It was a used one, and kept dying. So he gave up and bought a Kindle. Well, the Nook sat for months, and finally decided to call B&N and see what they said. And they shipped us a brand new one! And this one was 3G, which the other one was not. Hubby wanted to sell it, but I convinced him to let me keep it. Hehe. So now I look for free books for the Nook, too.

Kindle vs. Nook? I have to say that the Kindle is the clear winner for me. (Though I wouldn't give up my Nook for anything!) The touch screen on the Nook doesn't thrill me, and I find the Kindle to be much more user friendly. Also, I find I get better deals for e-books on Amazon. But I like that the memory of the Nook can be expanded. (Especially since Kindle is 1/2 full already!) I do love my e-readers! (I've mainly been reading paper books still, because I have a TON of them that I got before the e-readers.)

Hubby and I had a brief vacation in Santa Fe, NM. It was hot, but beautiful. The dry heat is much more comfortable than the humidity we have here. I met up with some of my dearest friends ever, and we had a blast.

Let me give props to Four Star Tattoo in Santa Fe. Me and a couple of the girls got our 2nd tattoos there. Guido did mine, and he does beautiful work. (Plus he's got a hot Italian accent that makes you melt!) You can tell from mine just how much I really love books.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

We're on a roll! Let's get some more done...

The Viscount's Addiction by Scottie Barrett

England's prisons can make a man bitter. Betrayal can make him merciless.

Falsely accused of murder and left to rot in England's infamous prison system, Ryder Braddock, Viscount Blackwood, is finally proven innocent. He returns to his estate a changed, embittered man with a craving for opium and an unwanted wife. Determined to see this complete stranger pay for her trickery--no matter how beautiful she is--he threatens her with arrest... after he enjoys his conjugal rights.

Jessie's husband has come home. Brutalized by her stepfather into marrying the dangerous convict and opium-eater, she soon discovers he is far from the criminal she'd imagined as she helps him through opium withdrawal. And she quickly discovers the only thing truly in danger is her heart.

With Jessie's help, Ryder frees himself from the drug, only to find it replaced with a new compulsion--an insatiable need for his wife.

The book has been previously published but expanded for Samhain.

Warning, this title contains the following: graphic language, explicit sex, light spanking, anal play.

(Information courtesy of - Kindle version)

This description is very good - pretty much tells you the entire story. This was quite an unusual one - you don't usually have an opium eater/drug addict as the hero of the story, but it worked here. Both are tortured souls seeking a happier life. This is by no means a cheerful book, but love triumphs at the end.

My Rating: ****

Breath of Heaven by Cindy Holby

A knight who has known honor but never love; a mysterious huntress with a closely guarded secret; a long-standing feud between rival lords; an arranged marriage with a surprisingly sensual consummation-Cindy Holby puts a fantasy spin on some of the most beloved elements of historical romance.

(Information courtesy of

I bought this book because the cover caught my eye - it was beautiful, and cover dude is hot. And I do love medieval romances. And this was a good story, was great chemistry between the leads. However, though I love historical romances with paranormal elements, I think the addition of some of those elements near the end of the book just ended up making it silly. But I enjoyed it until then.

My Rating: ****

When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James

Miss Linnet Berry Thrynne is a Beauty . . . Naturally, she's betrothed to a Beast.

Piers Yelverton, Earl of Marchant, lives in a castle in Wales where, it is rumored, his bad temper flays everyone he crosses. And rumor also has it that a wound has left the earl immune to the charms of any woman.

Linnet is not just any woman.

She is more than merely lovely: her wit and charm brought a prince to his knees. She estimates the earl will fall madly in love—in just two weeks.

Yet Linnet has no idea of the danger posed to her own heart by a man who may never love her in return.

If she decides to be very wicked indeed . . . what price will she pay for taming his wild heart?

(Information courtesy of

After getting into this book a bit, the story started to sound familiar. And no, I didn't get a "Beauty and the Beast" feeling. It was "Dr. Gregory House, Historical Edition". Yes, the hero reminded me a lot of the T.V. show "House". And after reading the author's comments at the end of the book, that was what she intended. Fortunately, I am a big House fan. Otherwise, I may have been turned off. I did enjoy the book - the chemistry and dialogue between the leads were charming.

My Rating: ****

Archangel's Kiss (Guild Hunter, Book 2) by Nalini Singh

Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux wakes from a year-long coma to find that she has become an angel-and that her lover, the stunningly dangerous archangel Raphael, likes having her under his control. But almost immediately, Raphael must ready Elena for a flight to Beijing, to attend a ball thrown by the archangel Lijuan. Ancient and without conscience, Lijuan's power lies with the dead. And she has organized the most perfect and most vicious of welcomes for Elena...

(Information courtesy of

Looking for a light-hearted urban fantasy/paranormal romance? This ain't it. However, if you like your stories very dark and sensual, you've come to the right place. First off, I don't recommend reading this 2nd book in the series until you've read the first, but I wouldn't consider this stand alone. And you'd miss so much of the awesome world-building that was in the first one. Elena is now an angel, and she is being trained by Raphael and some of his Seven. There's a mystery going on while Elena is adjusting to her change, together with having to deal with Lijuan, an Ancient who controls the dead. Action packed with some very sensual scenes, this is a series that should not be missed.

My Rating: *****

When Seducing a Duke (Victorian Soap Opera, Book 1) by Kathryn Smith

Enchant. Tempt. Entice. Beguile. Just a few things a woman must do when seducing a duke . . .

Rose Danvers charms her way into the glittering masked ball with only one man on her mind. She would risk certain scandal for a kiss from Greyden Kane, Duke of Ryeton—though she lusts for much, much more . . .

The ravishing woman in burgundy takes Grey's breath away. She reminds him of the sheltered beauty entrusted to his care, the only one who has ever touched his icy heart. But Rose would never allow herself to be so indiscreet, so ruled by passion . . .

Believing their forbidden embrace a terrible mistake, Grey knows he must do the honorable thing and find Rose a husband. But Rose will not be pawned off for propriety's sake. She will not rest until her seduction is complete and she has the duke bedded, wedded, and deeply satisfied. All he has to do is say yes . . .

(Information courtesy of

I absolutely love the historical paranormal romance series by Ms. Smith, and I enjoy her regular historical romances just as much. Something about this book just grabbed me; I was seduced by Grey, he of the wickedly scarred face and equally wicked past. Rose is quite an unusual heroine. She knows what she wants, and she doesn't hesitate to go after it. That includes reading dirty magazines. I won't go into the storyline. Suffice it to say it was filled with wonderful characters, an intriguing storyline, sensual love scenes, and emotions that grab you by the throat and don't let you go until long after the story is over.

My Rating: *****

Hunger Untamed (Feral Warriors, Book 5) by Pamela Palmer

They are called Feral Warriors—an elite band of immortals who can change shape at will. Sworn to rid the world of evil, consumed by sorcery and seduction, their wild natures are primed for release . . .

For a thousand years she has haunted him—Ariana, Queen of the linas, a beauty of mist and light. His love, his life mate . . . Kougar believed her lost to him forever, until the truth of her stunning betrayal left him bitter and hungry for revenge. Now she alone holds the power to save two trapped and desperate Feral Warriors.

Ariana, caught in a deadly battle of her own, is neither the soulless creature Kougar believes her to be nor the savior he seeks.

And when darkness threatens to annihilate both races, the greatest danger of all becomes the glorious love Kougar and Ariana once shared. A love that must never rise again. A love that has never died.

(Information courtesy of

First off, let's discuss the cover. When this series started, I actually hesitated to buy the books because the covers were kinda....well, tacky. Things have definitely changed for the better with the last 2 installments. I think this has got to be my favorite so far. Anyhooooo...

I think Ms. Palmer has now really hit her stride with these stories, also starting with the last book. Though the first were entertaining, I think we're now seeing a higher emotional level between our alpha males and their woman, and the stories flow much more smoothly. I thoroughly enjoyed this outing. I've liked Kougar since the beginning, and was looking forward to finding out about his broken mating bond. And what an emotional rollercoaster Kougar and Ariana's story ending up being! I'm really looking foward to the next book...and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be Wulfe's!

My Rating: ****

His Captive Lady (Devil Riders, Book 2) by Anne Gracie

No one can resist the Devil Riders: four war heroes in search of one good woman.

Harry Morant's tough exterior hides a badly scarred heart. The natural son of an earl, high-born ladies have only one use for him—in the bedchamber. Now, after eight years at war, Harry is breeding racehorses and planning a practical, unemotional marriage. But when he buys a new estate, his careful plans are threatened by an unexpected passion for— of all things—an earl's daughter.

(Information courtesy of

The first book I read of Anne Gracie's was the 4th book in the Devil Riders series (yeah, it figures - number 4), and I absolutely adored it. It stood alone, and I hoped this one did, too. It did, and I'm SO glad I read it! This was a heart-breaking yet ultimately triumphant romance. Something about this story just touched me, and I don't think I could have asked for beter leads than Harry and Nell. I've got to get the other books than I'm missing!

My Rating: *****

To Seduce a Sinner (Legend of the Four Soldiers, Book 2) by Elizabeth Hoyt


For years, Melisande Fleming has loved Lord Vale from afar ... watching him seduce a succession of lovers, and once catching a glimpse of heartbreaking depths beneath his roguish veneer. When he's jilted on his wedding day, she boldly offers to be his.


Vale gladly weds Melisande, if only to produce an heir. But he's pleasantly surprised: A shy and proper Lady by day, she's a wanton at night, giving him her body --- though not her heart.


Determined to learn her secrets, this sinner starts to woo his seductive new wife --- while hiding the nightmares from his soldiering days in the Colonies that still haunt him. Yet when a deadly betrayal from the past threatens to tear them apart, Lord Vale must bare his soul to the woman he married ... or risk losing her forever.

(Information courtesy of

After reading the first book in this series, I went out and bought all other available Elizabeth Hoyt novels. It was that good. And thank goodness, after reading the second book, I found that it was no fluke! This was a continuation of the first story, and our hero and heroine appeared in that book. I wasn't sure how I would enjoy Vale's story, as he rather sounded like a nut, and was described as rather comical looking, except for his turquoise eyes. Apparently looks aren't everything, because I just loved him! The chemistry between Vale and Melisande was scorching. The elements dealing with PTSD added great depth to the story. Now to find book number 3 in my TBR files!

My Rating: *****

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm trying to catch up....slowly but surely!

Never Resist Temptation by Miranda Neville

A woman on the run

Beautiful, spirited Jacobin de Chastelux would have been the perfect prize for any man . . . but she never imagined one would win her at a game of cards! When she learns that her dissolute, dastardly uncle and guardian had wagered her virtue—and lost­—she flees. A cunning disguise and her culinary talents land her in the royal kitchen as a chef. All is well until her uncle is poisoned by one of her desserts. Jacobin must escape again . . . to the home of the very man who won her in that infamous game!

Lord Storrington knows nothing of Jacobin's true identity. All he knows is that things are heating up­—and the sparks aren't coming from the stove. A delicious ecstasy tempts the scoundrel and the chef . . . one that can only end with sweet, sweet surrender.

(Information courtesy of

Once you suspend belief that this beautiful woman was able to disguise herself as a man as she worked among many men as a chef, it's quite a fun book. Pretty darn good for a debut novel. Sprinkled throughout with some recipes (Jacobin was a pastry chef), this was a lighthearted romance with a bit of mystery. And I admit Anthony's love of "little puffy things" made me smile.

My Rating: ****

Bound by Darkness (Soul Gatherer, Book 2) by Annette McCleave

Death's warriors guard against demon soul thieves for one chance at redemption...Desire be damned.

Bound together by burning desire and a similar darkness in their hearts, Soul Gatherers Brian Webster and Lena Sharpe race against time to take back from a demon ancient coins that could destroy civilization. But as the truth behind a deadly bargain Lena made surfaces, Brian is faced with a desperate choice-save the one, or save the many.

(Information courtesy of

With the Soul Gatherer series, Ms. McCleave has become one of my favorite authors. Though not quite as captivating as the first book, this one starts off with a bang and keeps the action going throughout most of the book. The characters from the first book are still featured quite a bit here, which just added to my enjoyment. My only issue was that I didn't find Brian and Lena to be that scorching as a couple - though troubled by the past, Brian was just such a nice guy, and the sparks didn't leap off the page when he was with Lena. But the story was great, and there's so much potential for great future installments in this series.

My Rating: ****

A Night of Secrets (Night, Book 1) by Lori Brighton

Grayson Bellamont has spent years on the Continent, fighting a war he cares nothing for. It is only while in the chaos of battle that he can hide what he truly is, a vampire. Returning to England, he finds his sister murdered and his seven-year-old niece missing. All over the country vampires are mysteriously dying. Grayson sets out to uncover the truth and locate his niece before it’s too late. All leads point to Meg James, a vicar’s daughter. Instinct tells him Meg is innocent, but the clues he uncovers warn she’s guilty. One thing is clear, Meg awakens a warmth inside of him he thought long dead and Grayson is torn between a sense of duty and his desires.

Vowing to honor a promise, Meg concocts a lie to keep a stranger’s child safe. She had no idea that protecting the child would mean putting her own life in danger. When Grayson arrives asking questions, Meg’s unease flares. Who is this mysterious man who seems to appear and disappear as quickly as a spirit? A man with strength like no other? As he pushes ever closer, taking over her senses with his touch, his kiss and his unexpected honor, she realizes she has even more to lose. Meg is falling in love with Grayson, but will he believe her when the truth will condemn the one person he trusts the most?

(Information courtesy of

Having really enjoyed Ms. Brighton's "Wild Heart", I snatched this one up when I saw it. Not only did the author's name catch my eye, but so did the beautiful cover. And the fact that it was a historical paranormal romance was just icing on the cake. I thought this was a great story, and I'm eagerly awaiting another one in this series. I fell in love with Grayson along with Meg. I thought the idea that Grayson was a soldier in a war to hide that he was a vampire was a unique one. I very quickly got caught up in this story and couldn't put it down. Great chemistry, together with a compelling mystery, kept me highly entertained.

My Rating: **** 1/2

The Darkest Hour (KGI, Book 1) by Maya Banks

Intelligence: high. Body: hard. Mission: what no one else can do.

It's been a year since ex-Navy SEAL Ethan Kelly saw his wife Rachel alive. Now he's received an anonymous phone call claiming Rachel is alive. To find her, Ethan will have to dodge bullets, cross a jungle, and risk falling captive to a deadly drug cartel that threatens his own demise.

(Information courtesy of

I usually read paranormal and historical romances, but I read good reviews of this series, so I figured I'd give it a try when I found this book in my used bookstore. The result? I immediately bought the other books available so far in this series for my Kindle. First of all, I love my alpha heroes...and what could be better than a series based on a whole family of alpha heroes? Ethan was a depressed mess at the beginning of the story, feeling horrible and guilty over the death of his wife - and it turns out she was still alive. Withdrawing from drugs she was forced to take during captivity, she can't remember a lot from her prior life. Ethan struggles with guilt over their prior life. With action, suspense, deep emotions and family drama, this is a phenomenal start to this series.

My Rating: **** 1/2

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Let's see if I can get my ass back in gear!

Moon Craving (Children of the Moon, Book 2) by Lucy Monroe

When Talorc-laird of the Sinclair clan and leader of his werewolf pack- must wed an Englishwoman, he's shocked to find that she is his mate. Deaf since childhood, Abigail hopes to keep her affliction from Talorc as long as possible, just as he has no intention of telling her that he's a werewolf. But when Abigail learns that the husband she's begun to love has deceived her, it will take all his warrior's strength-and his wolf's cunning-to win his wife back.

(Information courtesy of

Though I've only read 2 of the 3 books of this series, it's one of my favorites. Hot Highlanders AND shifters? Can't beat it! Though not absolutely necessary, I would read the first book before this one, as we were introduced to these characters briefly there. The story centered around their deceptions (she was deaf, he was a werewolf) which they attempted to keep the other from learning. Though the ending was a little abrupt and tidy for me, I still enjoyed it throroughly.

My Rating: *****

Her Every Pleasure (Spice Trilogy, Book 3) by Gaelen Foley

From the glittering ballrooms of Regency England to the sapphire waters of the Mediterranean, the dazzling finale of Gaelen Foley’s Spice trilogy unfurls the passionate tale of a rebel princess and the powerful warrior destined to become her champion.

Princess Sophia was only a child when Napoleon conquered the island paradise ruled by her father. Raised in England and now twenty-one, she means to claim the throne that is rightfully hers and bring peace to her war-torn land. But an ambush by enemies forces Sophia into hiding outside London. Disguising herself as a peasant girl until she can safely return, she meets Major Gabriel Knight, a wounded warrior whose brush with death has utterly changed him.

Heir to a great fortune, and a master swordsman, Gabriel has given up his worldly possessions and laid down his arms. Sophia is fascinated by his brooding magnetism, and Gabriel, lured by her fiery beauty and healed by her touch, is drawn back inexorably toward the world of the living.

But when Sophia’s royal destiny is revealed, Gabriel knows he must take up his sword again, whatever the cost, to protect his princess from those who would destroy her. And as longing blossoms into passion, Gabriel discovers the one cause that is truly worth fighting for. . .

(Information courtesy of

Though I'm a big fan of Ms. Foley's, I found this book to be a bit of a disappointment. Perhaps it's because I didn't read the first two books in the story. But this one was just missing "something"; not sure what. I did like Gabriel, though I did find find him a wee bit dim. (Seriously, he finds a girl in his barn and thinks she's a gift from his brother?! Christmas at the Knights' house must have been interesting!) I did find Sophia to be a bit irritating; I found it a little hard to see what Gabriel found so captivating about her. But it was entertaining enough to keep me occupied.

My Rating: ***

After Dark With A Scoundrel (Lords of Vice, Book 3) by Alexandra Hawkins

Notorious, handsome, and decadent, the Lords of Vice break rules and hearts with equal aplomb. But what if one woman is on to their game—and the player becomes the played?


Young, tender, and highly impressionable, Lady Regan can’t help but be intrigued by her brother’s wayward friends—the wickedly charming Lords of Vice. One man in particular, the dashing Lord Hugh Mordare (known simply as “Dare” among the ton), utterly captivates her—in spite of his reputation as a notorious womanizer. But when she steals an innocent kiss from Dare, Regan is swiftly packed off to boarding school, safely away from danger…and desire.


Five years later, Regan returns—a proper lady and ravishing beauty. Miss Swann’s Academy for Young Ladies has taught her how to behave in polite society. But all the training in the world cannot extinguish her love for Dare. Now, she hopes to beat the master of seduction at his own game—by daring Dare to love her in return. This time, both of their hearts are on the line…and winner takes all.

(Information courtesy of

This series is a hell of a lot of fun! I just adore bad boys in my books, and there are some awfully good ones here. This has been my favorite of the 3 books so far, and I hope there are many more to come. It starts out charmingly, with Regan as a young girl, being just one of the guys...until she has a kiss with Dare, and is packed off. Years later she returns, and she is reunited with Dare, who realizes she is now all woman. Regan is an engaging character, full of spunk and daring. Dare is a perfect hero for her. I'm certainly looking forward to the next one!

My Rating: **** 1/2

Vow of Deception (Knights of the Crusade, Book 2) by Angela Johnson

As a knight, Sir Rand Montague's allegiance is to King Edward I. But when the king orders Rand to escort Rosalyn Harcourt to court in order to wed her off to Sir Golan - a crass knight Rand abhors - he's torn between duty and desire. For Rand has never forgotten the woman he spent one incredible night of passion with...After suffering abuse at the hands of her deceased husband, Rose wishes to never wed again. But when Rand rescues her after Sir Golan attempts to compromise her, she agrees to marry Rand in name only. However, sharing such close quarters with Rand brings back memories of their torrid rendezvous - and tempts Rose to give in to an all-consuming desire...

(Information courtesy of

I enjoyed my second foray into the Knights of the Crusade series just as much as I did the first. Rand and Rose were secondary characters in the first, and I was quite looking forward to their story. Rose was an interesting heroine....abused by her first husband, she was wary of getting close to another man. And then there was the mystery surrounding the death of her abuser husband. I really liked Rand in the first book, and he was even better here. I hope Ms. Johnson continues with this series.

My Rating: ****

Touching Darkness (Offspring, Book 3) by Jaime Rush

They live ordinary lives, but they are extraordinary. They are the Offspring, children of a mysterious experiment gone awry—and they are in terrible danger.

Nicholas Braden has an uncanny psychic talent for finding things—which is why he's been recruited for a covert government program designed to hunt down terrorists. While his work for a shady controller named Darkwell is leading him down some very questionable alleyways, it's also bringing him closer to Olivia, Darkwell's stunning young assistant. A "good girl" with a wild, secret side, Olivia tempts Nicholas in ways he never believed possible—and in his business, a loss of control could prove fatal.

But there is something not right about the operation. And as Nicholas and Olivia's passion reaches a white-hot intensity, chilling reversals of good and evil, of right and wrong, suddenly threaten their very survival.

(Information courtesy of

Though not my favorite paranormal series, with the Offspring I'm always guaranteed a good, entertaining read. I enjoyed this one more than the last. Though I wondered how Nicholas would turn out as a hero, I was pleasantly surprised. I particularly liked Olivia - though working for the "bad guys", she was led to believe that the work they were doing was for the good of the country. She definitely finds out otherwise! Nicholas and Olivia had great chemistry. Hope the next story is just as good.

My Rating: ****

The Notorious Bridegroom by Kit Donner

Ever since the horrible day her brother was accused of treason, Patience Mandeley hasn't recognized her own behavior. Under normal circumstances she would never be disguised as a maid, skulking around a earl's estate for secrets she isn't meant to find. But now the situation is desperate, and Patience will do whatever it takes to spare her beloved brother the noose, even if it means finding the true spy herself.

To do that, she'll have to gain access to the estate of Lord Londringham, the most desired bachelor in all of England—without him knowing who she really is. But even in her maid's uniform, she can't miss the looks of unsuppressed desire she receives from her employer, and she finds to her dismay that the attraction is quite mutual. Though she knows she must ignore her feelings for this dark-haired rogue to save her family and escape ruin, his close proximity is making all reason impossible. . .and Patience may find that the real traitor is her own body. . .

(Information courtesy of

I guess this was okay for a first book. Frankly, it didn't do that much for me. But it did keep my occupied for a few hours, so it served its purpose. I didn't think that much of Patience; I found her to be quite irritating. I wasn't that impressed with the hero, either. I got the impression that the author wasn't sure if she wanted this to be a comedy or a serious story. Hopefully she'll improve with time. Especially since I have her follow-up book!

My Rating: ***

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Well, crap!

Notice no reviews? Well, I had a wee problem with the Kindle: The wi-fi stopped working!!!!!!

I tried it at home. I tried it at work. I could not connect anywhere. So I had to call Amazon customer service. Had to reset to factory settings, which wiped out all my books. That didn't work, so I had to mail it back.

I've got to give props to Amazon customer service. They were AWESOME! The guy I had on the phone was so patient with me....even when my phone went dead! I called customer service but got someone else. My original guy called me on my cell until he got a hold of me. That's dedication. I was told a replacement would be shipped.

It was shipped - it was waiting for me when I got home THE NEXT DAY.

My only complaint? They replace the defective one with a refurbished model. And I had only had mine since January. However, it was factory sealed and gone over with a fine tooth comb. It was absolutely immaculate - not a fingerprint or smudge to be found on it. And it worked! Plus, the warranty would cover me until January 2012, just like the original was covered. So I honestly can't complain.

Once again, Amazon, YOU ROCK!

Ahhhhhh, then I had the joy of loading 1500 items back on that sucker! The Kindle books I bought were easy enough - they were in my archives and were easy to reload. The fun ones were the tons I got from other sites; and there were a lot, I tell you! What was worse? Organizing all those bad boys back into my categories! Didn't remember what most of them were, so I had to look most of them up. BUT I'M DONE!!!!

No excuse now....must get to reviewing!

Friday, April 22, 2011

I've been a horrible blogger!

I've got 4 piles of books to review. They just keep getting taller and taller. Yet I don't review them. Instead, I spend time looking for freebie Kindle books. Plus I'm buying plenty, too. Just getting overwhelmed seeing how far behind I am. If I'd do just one or two a day, I'd be all right! So that's my goal this weekend - to start working on reviews!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Best gadget ever? Or tool of Satan?

LOVE LOVE LOVE my Kindle! Easy to read. Easy to use. Easy to carry around. And easy to download books.

Maybe a little TOO easy.......

I thought I bought a lot of books in my pre-Kindle days. That pales in comparison to my Kindle e-book buying. Holy shit. I'm buying stuff I never would have bought before, and I'm finding plenty of new authors to check out. Some of the books are unbelievably cheap. But when you buy sooooooooo many of them, it sure adds up! Hell, I've got over 600 items on my Kindle, and I just got the damn thing!


It was always fun to order books and wait for them to come in the mail. But just pushing a button and **pop** there it is? Beats waiting every time!

Someone please tell me this buying e-books addiction will slow down after I've had my Kindle for a while!

In the meantime, maybe I should actually read some books instead of just buying them....

Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Reviews

The Ranger (Highland Guard, Book 3) by Monica McCarty

Embedded deep behind enemy lines, Arthur “Ranger” Campbell is Bruce’s secret weapon as he wages his final assault on the enemies who stand against him. Recruited to join the Bruce’s secret elite fighting force for his prized scouting skills, Arthur’s razor sharp senses and ability to blend into the shadows make him the perfect spy. But when this shadow warrior must infiltrate the clan of the chieftain who murdered his father, his heart is locked on revenge. Inside he faces unexpected resistance from the sweetest of obstacles—a honey-haired siren who is his enemy’s daughter. But the vivacious, enchanting Anna MacDougall is a woman whose skill at uncovering deception rivals his own.

Intrigued by this ruggedly handsome newcomer to her father’s forces, Anna accepts the challenge his determined indifference to her arouses. Though anxious for the war to end and yearning for a quiet life with a good man to love, Anna is drawn to this mysterious knight whose eyes devour her but whose words push her away. But as danger, treachery, and the threat of looming war draw them closer into each other’s passions and secrets, a warrior made of steel must make a choice from the heart: love or revenge.

(Information courtesy of

This truly has to be one of the best historical romance series ever. McCarty starts the story off with excitement and doesn't let up the entire book. The one is just as great as the first two. This could be read as a stand alone, but I wouldn't recommend it. We were introduced to Arthur in the first book, and I couldn't wait to get to his story; he just fascinated me. You'd miss a lot of the Guard's history if you skip any of the books. Arthur and Anna are just wonderful together, and I was on pins and needles about Anna finding out about Arthur's background. The romance was wonderfully hot. Just beware of the rats - mwaaaahahahahaha.

My Rating: *****

Sweet Release (Blakewell/Kenleigh Family Trilogy, Book 1) by Pamela Clare

When a woman buys a dying convict to save his life, she little suspects he is truly an English aristocrat who will soon steal her heart.

(Information courtesy of

Not a lot of time was spent working on that description, was there? I didn't realize this was part of a trilogy - I found out after I read the 3rd book first! But it really doesn't matter, as both of those I read can truly stand alone. This was Clare's first novel, and it was a doozy! I found the story to be compelling and heartwrenching. A number of tears were shed by me - that's a sign of a good book to me! The romance was at times sweet, and then sizzling. They were great leads; but the secondary characters helped bring the book to life. You don't see many romances that deal with slavery in a serious manner; it was deftly handled here. Great story all around.

My Rating: *****

A Little Bit Sinful by Adrienne Basso

Eleanor Collins knows that her beautiful younger sister will have wealthy, powerful men falling at her feet in her first London season. But Eleanor is surprised to discover that one man's attentions are utterly focused on her. As delicious as Sebastian Dodd, Viscount Benton, finds the eldest Collins daughter, his true motive is darker than mere seduction. Until he has avenged his mother's death, he will be unable to think of anything else. Or so he believes, until he takes his first taste of Eleanor's inviting lips, and finds his mind - and his body - utterly consumed.

(Information courtesy of

This was a fast, fun and delightful read. The chemistry between Eleanor and Sebastian was very steamy, and I liked that our heroine was more of a real woman than often occurs in some romance novels. I wanted to kick Sebastian's ass a time or two (well, he deserved it!), but he redeemed himself. Very enjoyable.

My Rating: ****

Immortal Champion (Immortal Brotherhood, Book 3) by Lisa Hendrix

Part of a Viking crew of warriors cursed by an evil sorceress, Gunnar the Red must toil through eternity as half-man, half-beast, living out his days as a great bull, while his nights are spent in human form. And though he keeps mostly to the wilds, his heart yearns for the simple comforts of man--and the chance to redeem a tragic past. Only the magic of true love can release him. Though she is betrothed to another, could Lady Eleanor de Neville be his salvation?

(Information courtesy of

Ahhhhh, Gunnar! Gunnar will make you melt. Now here's a REAL man. (Well, a man AND a bull, but let's not be particular.) But about the book.... I absolutely love paranormal historical romances, and this is definitely one of THE best series there is. The mythology is fascinating, and Hendrix has given us a great variety of heroes and heroines so far. Gunnar and Lady Eleanor have got to be one of my favorite romance couples ever. They so belong together, but it seems destiny conspires to keep them apart. You know there will be a HEA, but oh, what they have to go through to get it! If you haven't picked up this series, I suggest you do, and start from the beginning - you won't won't to miss a word.

My Rating: *****

Laird of the Mist (MacGregors, Book 1) by Paula Quinn


High-born though she is, Kate Campbell isn't afraid to draw her sword. When raiders strike, she rushes into the fray...and is lucky when a mysterious Highlander shields her from a deadly blow. Swept onto his stallion, she soon discovers that her rescuer is her clan's most hated enemy: Callum MacGregor, the man they call The Devil. Yet she cannot ignore his achingly tender touch or the way his fiery gaze leaves her breathless.


Callum MacGregor has taken many Campbell lives, but he's never saved one--until now. Mesmerized by this spirited lass, he wants her by his side, even if it means holding her for ransom. As his fingers graze her sumptuous curves and tangle in her unruly tresses, Callum realizes Kate Campbell is his most dangerous foe of all. For he can't make love to her without betraying his kinsmen and his honor...and surrendering his heart forever.

(Information courtesy of

I just can't say enough about how much I enjoy Paula Quinn's books. I wish I had some idea as to where the others by her are in my TBR pile, because I want to devour them. I read the second book in this series first (didn't know it was part of a series), but it really didn't make a difference. Kate is one hell of a heroine. She is a lady, but damn, she can kick some ass with a sword! And Callum? ****SIGH**** If he's The Devil, well, most ladies would want to go to hell. Quinn really makes you feel the emotions of her characters. She never disappoints.

My Rating: *****

A Taste of Desire by Beverley Kendall

She Challenged His Pride

Lady Amelia Bertram may have a reputation as the most brazen beauty of the ton, but she shocks even herself when she accidentally--and loudly--derides one of society's most eligible bachelors in the middle of a crowded ballroom. The timing of her faux pas couldn't be worse, for her father is seeking someone to take her off his hands that very night. . .

He Challenged Her Willpower

But when Thomas Armstrong overhears the so-called "Lady" Amelia slandering his sexual prowess in public, he cannot help but accept the dare implicit in her words. To her father's great delight, he offers to take her to his secluded country estate--properly chaperoned, of course--to teach the girl a lesson in ladylike behavior. . .

(Information Courtesy of

Oh, what a delightful romance! It started off a bit frivolous and shallow (I'm talking about you, Lady Amelia!), but that just added to the depth of the character and the story. Neither Amelia nor Thomas were the most likable of characters at the beginning, but I must say they both redeemed themselves and won my heart. What started out as a hate/hate relationship turned into such a deep emotional connection that I hated to see the book end. Will definitely read more from this author.

My Rating: ****

Kiss at Your Own Risk (Soulfire, Book 1) by Stephanie Rowe

Trinity Harpswell is a cursed Black Widow-death and mayhem are all part of the job description. If she can manage to go just one more week without accidentally killing someone, she'll break this killer curse and put her Black Widow days behind her. When sexy Blaine Underhill III shows up at her door and asks for her help rescuing his friend from the clutches of Death's evil grandma, Trinity gets pulled into a daring high stakes adventure. As Blaine and Trinity join forces to take down a series of underworld assassins, they may just learn that love is the deadliest game of all.

(Information courtesy of

The description on the back of this book and the cover picture (YUM!) made me think this book was right up my alley. But alas, it just wasn't me. Though it was fast paced and entertaining enough, the humor was way too forced for my liking. I like some subtle humor or sarcasm in my books, but this was just so in your face and outrageous that it leached the funny out of the story for me.

My Rating: ***

Wild Heart by Lori Brighton


Leo Roberts is next in line for an earldom and the power and fortune that come with it, but he is uncultured, unrefined--and completely untamed...until governess Ella Finch arrives upon the scene. Can so young and inexperienced a woman tutor him in the manners and mores of his class? Leo's mysterious past has rendered him an outsider, too wild for polite society. But he finds her innocence most intriguing...


What manner of man he may be, Ella does not know. Yet he fascinates her and she must know more. Capturing Leo's reckless heart is about to free her in ways she never dreamed of...and his sensual touch releases the deepest yearnings of her body and soul...

(Information courtesy of

This is Lori Brighton's debut novel, and what an awesome start it was! I adored this book and the characters. It was historical romance with a wee bit of paranormal thrown in to sweeten the pot. There wasn't a dull moment, with great action and mystery. And some steamy lovin' between two wonderful leads. I can't wait for Brighton's next book!

My Rating: ****

Jared (The Shadow Wranglers, Book 2) by Sarah McCarty

Meet Jared-a cowboy with bite-in the latest paranormal romance from the national bestselling author. Jared Johnson has always been a force to be reckoned with, first as an outlaw and now as a vampire. Caught in a war between immortals, he doesn't have time to waste, but when a female vampire is attacked, he can't just walk away. He expects a quick good­bye, but what he gets is a vulnerable woman who intrigues and seduces while giving away nothing of the secrets holding her hostage. Raisa may not have extreme physical strength, but she's been able to survive as a vampire longer than most by keeping to herself. But that's about to change. Forced to accept Jared's protection, Raisa finds it increasingly hard to resist his forbidden allure while keeping the secret that could destroy them both.

(Information courtesy of

I didn't think I'd ever get done with this book. No, it wasn't long and boring - I just couldn't keep my eyes off the front cover. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice body there, Jared! As for the story, I thought it was fantastic. I enjoyed the first book in the series (Caleb), but this one was much better. I think it was the difference in the heroines. I totally loved Raisa. Though she was physically weak (great story behind that), she was such a strong individual. And Jared was one alpha hunk of vamp cowboy. He wasn't likable in the first book, but apparently we just needed to get to know him. There were some great revelations in this story, plus very interesting secondary characters. I hope McCarty's got lots more stories for us.

My Rating: *****

A Pirate's Possession by Michelle Beattie

Disguised as a man, Claire Gentry is searching for the treasure her long-lost father never found. But her façade doesn't fool pirate Nate Carter-the man who stole her heart, and the man who can help her find the treasure. But they may realize that what they've really been searching for isn't riches, but each other.

(Information courtesy of

I was really looking forward to reading this book. A friend on Nocturne Romance Reads recommended it. Besides, what's not to like about a hunky pirate? But for me, the book was just "meh". I had trouble getting into it and it took me quite a while to get done. I think a lot had to do with the fact that there are two books before this one, and much reference was made to the previous books. I thought Nate was great, but Claire just annoyed the hell out of me. Yes, she was spirited, self-sufficient and had a hard past, but I just wanted to slap her for her attitude toward Nate.

My Rating: ***

Ashes of Midnight (Midnight Breed, Book 6) by Lara Adrian

A woman driven by blood. A man thirsting for vengeance...
A place where darkness and desire meet...

As night falls, Claire Roth flees, driven from her home by a fiery threat that seems to come from hell itself. Then, from out of the flames and ash, a vampire warrior emerges. He is Andreas Reichen, her onetime lover, now a stranger consumed by vengeance. Caught in the cross fire, Claire cannot escape his savage fury—or the hunger that plunges her into his world of eternal darkness and unending pleasure.

Nothing will stop Andreas from destroying the vampire responsible for slaughtering his Breed brethren...even if he must use his former lover as a pawn in his deadly mission. Blood-bonded to his treacherous adversary, Claire can lead Andreas to the enemy he seeks, but it is a journey fraught with danger—and deep, unbidden desires. For Claire is the one woman Andreas should not crave, and the only one he’s ever loved. A dangerous seduction begins—one that blurs the lines between predator and prey, and stokes the flames of a white-hot passion that may consume all in its path...

(Information courtesy of

This is one of my favorite series, and this has been one of my favorite books. And I hope there are many more to come. Andreas is quite a tortured alpha male, much different than he was in the other books. (Big events at the end of the last book changed everything for him.) He meets up again with Claire, the former love of his life, and sparks fly. (***giggles*** Read the book and you'll think that's cute!) There is non-stop action in this story, and the suspense never lets up. Your heart will break for Claire and Andreas and the hell they have to go through to get a HEA. Great chapter in a great series.

My Rating: **** 1/2

How to Marry a Duke by Vicky Dreiling

Tristan, the Duke of Shelbourne is a man with a mission: find a wife he can tolerate as long as they both shall live. Love is not necessary--nor desired. But how to choose among a dizzying array of wealthy-yet-witless candidates? Hire London's infamously prim and proper matchmaker. Then pretend she's not the most captivating woman he's ever met...

Helping a devilish Duke create a contest to pick his perfect mate is the kind of challenge Tessa Mansfield relishes. Her methods may be scandalous, but she's determined to find the notorious bachelor more than a wife--she'll bring him true love. Yet when Tessa watches the women vie for the Duke's affections, she longs to win his heart herself. And after a stolen kiss confirms Tristan's desire, Tessa knows she has broken a matchmaker's number one rule: never fall in love with the groom.

(Information courtesy of

This is Dreiling's debut novel, and I hope for many books to come from her. I think this was a phenomenal debut. I like trying out new authors, so even though the description sounded like a fluffy light read (The Bachelor, historical romance style!), I decided to give it a try. And I was quite pleasantly surprised! Though the book starts out light and witty (quite clever dialogue betweent he leads), it soon turns into an emotional story with intrigue. You cannot read this book and not fall totally in love with Tristan. Definitely swoon-worthy. Sexy, smart, witty and protective - he's got it all. Though the story gets deeper, there is still a sense of humor throughout. (I bet you can't read the "sheep" discussion without grinning like a fool!)

My Rating: *****

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Oh, I love love LOVE my Kindle! Only problem? I'm buying even more books! But some are such a good price! So I'm downloading books instead of doing reviews. Typical me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still waiting!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Amazon finally got Kindles in stock, and mine was mailed Monday. It was supposed to be here today. But nooooooooooo, bad weather has held up the delivery! (Yes, I am petty and shallow - worrying about a gadget while others are suffering from the weather. But I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant it!) Hubby will be running errands while I'm at work, so no one will be around for the UPS guy. Hate the thought of it sitting out in the cold, shivering. (It's official - I've lost my mind!) Can't wait to play! I've been downloading books like crazy. I must stop! Now I'm just as bad downloading e-books as I am buying new releases. I need to learn to control myself.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Well, I actually haven't gotten it yet, but I ordered it Monday! My estimated delivery date is between Jan. 18 and 24. I can't wait!

I do prefer paper books - the cover, shape, feel, smell - just love them! And I have over 1500 to read, I think. But I figured a Kindle would be great for traveling. Also, I love the free downloads available on and They may not be great, but hey, free is free! Also, it will give me a chance to potentially find new authors. I also found that I can get some historical romances cheaper online than I can at the used booksstore!

I hope it comes soon. Fingers crossed!

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I'm caught up!!

But for how long?

Well, now I've got the post-Christmas blues bad. Doesn't help that the last 2 days have been rainy and dreary. Plus I have to go back to work for full weeks after working 2 weeks of only 4 days each. Ugh. But I always get depressed after Christmas, and I know it'll pass.

I'll stop whining now. Here are some more reviews:

His Woman by Diana Cosby

Trusting Her Was Unthinkable

Lady Isabel Adair is the last woman Sir Duncan MacGruder wants to see again, much less be obliged to save. Three years ago, Isabel broke their engagement to become the Earl of Frasyer's mistress, shattering Duncan's heart and hopes in one painful blow. But Duncan's promise to Isabel's dying brother compels him to rescue her from those determined to bring down Scottish rebel Sir William Wallace.

Resisting Her Was Impossible

Betraying the man she loved was the only way for Isabel to save her father, but every moment she spends with Duncan reminds her just how much she sacrificed. No one could blame him for despising her, yet Duncan's misgivings cannot withstand a desire that has grown wilder with time. Now, on a perilous journey through Scotland, two wary lovers must confront both the enemies who will stop at nothing to hunt them down, and the secret legacy that threatens their passion and their lives. . .

(Information courtesy of

I didn't realize this was the second book featuring the MacGruders. I should have done my homework better. And I have the first one hidden in my room somewhere! Humph. Though I didn't realize it until after I read it, so I guess they don't need to be read in order. Anyhow....I loved this book. This is the first I've read by Cosby, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Duncan had been betrayed by Isabel in the past, but had never gotten over it. Isabel had her reasons - good reasons! - but she could not tell Duncan. But Duncan was able to put it aside to honor a pledge to Isabel's dying brother. No really big surprises here, but I thought it was very well written, and the chemistry between the characters was fantastic. I was really pulled into the story and didn't want it to end, hence my rating.

My Rating: *****

Right Hand Magic (Golgotham, Book 1) by Nancy A. Collins

Like most Manhattanites, aspiring artist Tate can't resist a good rental deal-even if it's in the city's strangest neighborhood, Golgotham, where for centuries werewolves, centaurs, and countless other creatures have roamed the streets.
Her new landlord is a sorcerer name Hexe, who is determined to build his reputation without using dark, left-hand magic. As Tate is drawn into Hexe's fascinating world, they both find that the right hand does not always know what the left hand is doing-and avoiding darkness is no easy trick...

(Information courtesy of

I was familiar with the name of Nancy A. Collins, but had not read any of her books to my knowledge. This sounded interesting, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I admit I was very surprised how much I liked it. In the beginning, I was thinking that no way would Tate find Hexe attractive (I mean...six fingers on each hand and cat pupils...and purple hair?) However, by the end of the book I was half in love with him. The amazing thing about this book was Collins' world building. You could "see" the city that she was building, and it was a magical (hehe) place. The strange creatures she described seemed to become normal as the story progressed. You can't read this story and not be fascinated by Golgotham and its inhabitants. It's a city I will gladly visit again.

My Rating: *****

Never Lie to a Lady (Neville Family, Book 1) by Liz Carlyle

In her dazzling new historical trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Liz Carlyle plunges readers into the steamy underworld of nineteenth-century London. Among the swirling glitter of English high society, a scandalous rogue gets more than he bargained for in the lady of his desires.

Lord Nash is a creature of the night -- his wealth and title provide but a tenuous entrée into polite society. Notorious for his sophisticated manners and a dark, dashing elegance, rumors abound of the men he has bankrupted and the women he's left heartbroken. But when Nash leaves his lair for a rare foray into the ton, he faces a lure of temptation all his own -- an extraordinary moment of passion with a mysterious lady in the moonlight -- and an obsession that will lead him into a hellish world of smugglers, spies, and intrigue. And as for his damsel in disguise, the witty and beautiful Miss Xanthia Neville, he soon learns, is as unattainable as she is tempting. And now Nash must decide if she is also dangerous. . . .

(Information courtesy of

This is my first book by Liz Carlyle. Glad I enjoyed it, because I believe I have 4 more of hers! It was a little slow getting started, but once it got going it was quite an entertaining read. I believe Nash (yummy!) and Xanthia were a great pairing...and very hot, I might add. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

My Rating: ****

The Heir by Grace Burrowes

Award-winning debut author Grace Burrowes introduces a deeply engaging series of Regency romances

A debut novel by a rising star with remarkable characters, intriguing plots, and settings of fascinating historical accuracy. In this Regency era battle of wits, wills, and the sexes, a wily old duke is determined to see the succession of his line secured, and his three headstrong sons are equally determined to resist the bonds of matrimony. In The Heir, the first in the series, the Earl of Wyndham, weighed down by responsibilities and determined to avoid the rounds of country houses of and matchmaking mamas, decides to summer in London. There he discovers a potentially perfect duchess in his lovely, mysterious housekeeper...

(Information courtesy of

This is one of those books that just captivated me. It started out a wee bit slow, but before I knew it I was so engrossed I just couldn't put it away! (And not a good thing when you're at work, let me tell you!) I found Gayle and Anna to be the perfect couple. The romance between them slowly built up, making it more believable. Anna had a secret, and did everything she could to hide it from everyone, especially the Earl. I adored Anna and her relationships with others around her. However, to me the most heartwarming relationships were between Gayle and his brothers, Dev and Valentine. I can't wait until their stories come out.

My Rating: *****

Ride The Fire (Blakely/Kenleigh Family Trilogy, Book 3) by Pamela Claire

Sexy, sensitive and resourceful frontiersman Nicholas Kenleigh, Clare's gloriously larger-than-life hero, will seduce readers as he wins the heart of young widow Elspeth Stewart. Elspeth is eight months pregnant and struggling to survive without the help of a man when a wounded Nicholas comes along and demands her aid. Smart enough not to say no to a scruffy-looking trapper with a revolver, Elspeth takes him in, tends to his wound and then ties him up for her own protection. What follows is a taut, sensual adventure during which the two protagonists find love and discover that braving the many hardships of the frontier (and the dark corners of their pasts) is best done together. Through her tight plotting and deft descriptions of the Ohio wilderness, Clare keeps the suspense level high. As her characters state often throughout, the first rule of the frontier is survival, and Clare does an excellent job of depicting the constant struggle to stay alive. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

(Information courtesy of

First, what didn't I like? That this was part of a trilogy, and I didn't know it! I have the first one, I realized, and don't know where it is. Story of my life. What else didn't I like? Can't think of one damn thing. This is one of the BEST books I have ever read! Absolutely freaking phenomenal. The hero and heroine are two of the bravest people you'll ever read about - they've been through the fires of hell (Nicholas literally), yet they struggle through and manage to find love. This is the first book I've ever read with a pregnant heroine who is about to give birth. Nicholas is the ultimate tortured hero. The building of their relationship together is beautiful to behold. Yes, I'm gushing. I just can't describe how much I love this story.

My Rating: *****

Veil of Midnight (Midnight Breed, Book 5) by Lara Adrian

A warrior trained in bullets and blades, Renata cannot be bested by any man—vampire or mortal. But her most powerful weapon is her extraordinary psychic ability—a gift both rare and deadly. Now a stranger threatens her hard-won independence—a golden-haired vampire who lures her into a realm of darkness…and pleasure beyond imagining.

A combat-loving adrenaline junkie, Nikolai dispenses his own justice to enemies of the Breed—and his latest quarry is a ruthless assassin. One woman stands in his way: the seductive, cool-as-ice bodyguard, Renata. But Renata’s powers are put to the test when a loved one, a child, is threatened and she’s forced to turn to Niko for help. As the two join forces, as desire fans the flames of a deeper hunger, Renata’s life is under siege by a man who offers the exquisite pleasure of a blood bond—and a passion that could save or doom them both forever.…

(Information courtesy of

As I've mentioned before, this is one of my favorite series. Lara Adrian is absolutely wonderful. After this many books, a series can become a bit staid, but not this one. New storylines continually emerge to keep it fresh and exciting. Niko didn't stand out in the previous stories, but he sure did here when it was his turn. He is quite the daredevil, a proficient fighting machine who didn't have much time for women, except for the occasional release. When Niko has a run-in with Renata, he's intrigued and can't get her off of his mind. Renata was a great heroine, being forced to protect someone she hated. When a little girl dear to her is taken away, Niko and Renata join forces to save her. And then things really get hot. Great characters and lots of action and heat add up to a great book.

My Rating: **** 1/2

Now that I've caught up, here's a list of the order I just placed with Books-A-Million online. (I pray hubby never finds this blog!)

Immortal Champion by Lisa Hendrix
Rory by Julia Templeton
Secrets of the Demon by Diana Rowland
A Little Bit Sinful by Adrienne Basso
How to Marry a Duke by Vicky Dreiling
A Taste of Desire by Beverley Kendall
Frostfire by Lynn Viehl
My Immortal Assassin by Carolyn Jewel
Finding Destiny by Jean Johnson
Prelude to a Scandal by Delilah Marvelle
Master of Smoke by Angela Knight
Surrender to Darkness by Annette Mccleave
Shadowspell by Jenna Black
Angel at Dawn by Emma Holly
Seducing the Vampire by Michele Hauf
Taken by the Others by Jess Haines
Kiss at Your Own Risk by Stephanie Rowe

Yep, 17. I have plans to order than same amount come next payday, too. January is a big new release month!

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I appear to be on a roll today

Midnight Rising (Midnight Breed, Book 4) by Lara Adrian

In a world of shadows and dark, cosuming hungers, desire is the deadliest weapon...

For journalist Dylan Alexander, it began with the discovery of a hidden tomb, thrusting her into the center of a gathering storm of violence and secrets. But nothing is as dangerous as the scarred, lethally seductive man who rises from the shadows to draw her into his world of dark desire and endless night.

Fueled by pain and rage over a shattering betrayal, the warrior Rio has pledged his life to the war against the Rogues. He will let nothing stand in his way—least of all a mortal woman with the power to expose the entire vampire race. For an ancient evil has been awakened, and a stunning darkness is on the rise. Suddenly Dylan is powerless to resist Rio’s touch, even as she uncovers a shocking link to her own past. And now she must choose: Leave Rio’s midnight realm, or risk it all for the man who has shown her true passion and the infinite pleasures of the heart. . . .

(Information courtesy of

Another great story in the Midnight Breed stories. I do admit I was just a tiny bit disappointed, and I'm not sure why. I guess it's because I so wanted to read Rio's story that I was expecting way too much. That happens with me with series. However, I still enjoyed it immensely. Rio was such a tragic figure, and he more than anyone else deserved his happily ever after. And he found his perfect Breedmate in Dylan. The storyline really progressed a great deal in this book, which I think will lead to many exciting stories for our continued enjoyment.

My Rating: **** 1/2

Broken Wing by Judith James

Set during the chaotic beginnings of Napoleon's rule, this saga tells the story of Gabriel St. Croix, a street survivor searching for a place to belong. Abandoned as a child and raised in a brothel, he has never known friendship or affection. Hiding physical and emotional scars behind an icy façade, his only relationship is with a young boy he has spent the last five years protecting from the brutal reality of their environment. But all that is about to change. The boy's family has found him, and they are coming to take him home. Sarah Munroe blames herself for her brother's disappearance. When he's located, safe and unharmed despite where he has been living, Sarah vows to help the man who rescued and protected him in any way she can. With loving patience she helps Gabriel face his demons and teaches him to trust in friendship and love. But when the past catches up with him, Gabriel must face it on his own. Becoming a mercenary, pirate, and professional gambler, he travels to London, France, and the Barbary Coast in a desperate attempt to find Sarah again. On the way, however, he will discover the most dangerous journey and the greatest gamble of all is within the darkest reaches of his own heart.

(Information courtesy of

I just cannot fathom anyone NOT giving this book their highest rating! (Yeah, yeah, I know...different tastes.) This one grabbed a hold of me and wouldn't let me go. It seriously pulled at my heartstrings. It was a hard book to read, but so worthwhile. So many scenes made me sob! Gabriel was one of the most unique characters I've ever come across in a historical romance. He was forced into prostitution as a child, and he used cutting in an attempt to feel in control. Sarah was a wonderful heroine, her love helping him overcome his tragic past. When they got separated, it just about killed me! But loves does conquer all! After I get this book back from a friend, it's going on my keeper shelf.

My Rating: *****

The Highlander's Bride (McTiernay Brothers, Book 1) by Michele Sinclair

Highland laird Conor McTiernay had always dreamed of an enduring love. But the reality of women who desired him only for his title and lands made him swear off marriage forever. That is until he first set eyes on the Englishwoman his men found hiding in the forest. Beneath the dirt and grime it was clear Laurel Cordell was beautiful. But would she prove to be yet another beguiling seductress or had Conor finally found the one woman who could lay claim to his heart?

Laurel trusted that the Scottish chieftain would keep her safe from the cruel laird from whom she had escaped. Looking deep into Conor's silver eyes she saw not only his calculating warrior ways but his quick arousal to passion. But before they can explore the growing desire between them, their newfound love is threatened by secrets from her past.

(Information courtesy of

I've said it before and I'll say it again....I want my own hot Highlander!!! Please? Just don't tell my hubby! This was a great start to this series. Conor was jaded, being used to women wanting him only for his position and property. (I myself would want him for his hot body, but I digress.) When his group runs into Laurel as she is escaping, Conor is immediately drawn to her. The building passion between the two is nicely done, and adds a great deal to the story. As Laurel's secrets start to catch up with her, their love is put to the test. I'm looking forward to the next two books.

My Rating: ****

Devoured by Darkness (Guardians of Eternity, Book 7) by Alexandra Ivy

They are the Guardians of Eternity, strong, skilled, seductive vampires chosen to protect—and to destroy. And they will risk anything to fulfill their duty, and satisfy their desires...

Tane is a Charon, sworn to hunt and kill rogue vampires. His new assignment seems like a waste of his talents—until he catches up with the jinn he's been sent to capture. Half human, half demon, Laylah has a vulnerable streak that strikes right through to Tane's cold heart. He should be furious when she uses her powers to bind them together, preventing him from dragging her before the Commission. Instead he welcomes any reason to stay close enough to touch, to taste, to seduce...

Laylah doesn't know why she was chosen to protect a child who may be the catalyst in a war between good and evil. But the mysteries of her past pale compared to the dangers approaching. Tane is devastatingly strong, breathtakingly sensual. And Laylah will have to trust in every ounce of that strength, because her enemies are drawing near, eager to destroy them both...

(Information courtesy of

Another one of my favorite series, a new book by Ivy is cause for celebration with me. Though I had trouble picturing Tane to be the incredibly hot guy that he was supposed to be. To me, a guy with a shaved head except for a long mohawk just isn't appealing. The dude on the cover doesn't sound much like the description, does he? And apparently he doesn't own a shirt or shoes. Don't know why that bothers me. LOL. I do admit that the chemistry between Tane and Laylah is extremely potent, and certain scenes are very hot. Laylah is a fantastic heroine. I always enjoy seeing characters from previous books making an appearance. And Levet the gargoyle owns my heart. The story continues to progress wonderfully from one book to the next.

My Rating: ****

Caleb (The Shadow Wranglers, Book 1) by Sarah McCarty

Allie always desired mysterious, sexy rancher Caleb Johnson, but he never seemed to notice her. Until the night she's attacked by a vicious animal, and rescued by a shapeshifting vampire that she almost seems to recognize: the baritone growl, the mesmerizing eyes, the inexplicable animal attraction. That's because her savior is Caleb, and now he has no choice but to bring Allie into the shadows with him-to protect her from a rival werewolf pack, and to finally reveal his true feelings for the woman he's been afraid to love.

(Information courtesy of

Ranchers! Vampires! Ranchers who are vampires! Yep, hell of a fun premise and story. It starts out with a bang, when Allie is attacked by a "wolf" and saved by Caleb. Allie is quickly drawn into the world of vampires and her increasing attraction to Caleb. Allie can be annoying at times, but I liked that she dealt with her fear and uncertainty with humor. And Caleb was just so freaking yummy. (I really like the cover of this book - helped me to get a good picture of him in my mind.) The next book in the series is Jared (Caleb's brother - we're introduced to him here). Will be reading that soon.

My Rating: ****

Defiant by Jessica Trapp

She Forced His Hand

Three years ago Jared St. John was imprisoned, wrongly, for the murder of his own brother. Now, finally free, he wishes only to live in peace, hoping to heal the darkness that plagues his soul. But his self-inflicted isolation is destroyed when he is drugged, spirited away to a church, and forced to marry a brazen enchantress against his will...

He Captured Her Heart

Lady Gwyneth of Windrose knows something of false imprisonment, but that doesn't stop her from abducting a stranger when it's her only hope of gaining her liberty. Yet the moment she's alone in her unwilling new husband's powerful presence, everything Gwyneth thought she knew of men—and of seduction—falls by the wayside. For the first time in her life, it's not freedom Gwyneth craves...but to give herself over to unyielding passion...

(Information courtesy of

There was nothing really remarkable about this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it as a fast, fun, fluff read, though. And sometimes that's all you want. I will definitely read more of her books.

My Rating: ****

Happy New Year!!

I'd like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

Did anyone make any New Year's resolutions? I'm going to do my darndest this year to eat healthier, lose weight, try to be happier at work.....and do better working on reviews! Here's a start:

Provocative in Pearls (Rarest Blooms, Book 2) by Madeline Hunter

After two years, Grayson Bridlington, The Earl of Hawkeswell, has located his missing bride Verity Thompson. Coerced into marrying Hawkeswell by her duplicitous cousin, Verity fled London for the countryside. Now, the couple must make the most of an arranged marriage--even if it means surrendering to their shared desire.

(Information courtesy of

So far this has been a fun series. Nothing new or groundbreaking here, just a good story and very likable characters. Hawkeswell's discovery of his missing bride was well written, as was Verity's despair of being found out. There wasn't love at first sight when meeting again, which gave the building of the relationship a dose of reality. The next book in the series is "Sinful In Satin"...must dig it out of the TBR pile!

My Rating: ****

Stolen Kisses by Suzanne Enoch

Fire and Ice . . .

Jack Faraday, the Marquis of Dansbury, is rich, titled, and handsome as sin. A scandalous rake who's charmed a long string of ladies, he finally meets his match in Miss Lilith Benton, known as the Ice Queen.

Intent on restoring her family's good name, Lilith wants only to make a respectable marriage. So when the tempting but notorious Jack begins to woo her, she is determined to ignore him. Then their accidental involvement in a duke's mysterious death forces Jack and Lilith to become conspirators to clear their names—and suddenly cold disdain gives way to hot desire. Now Lilith may find his passionate stolen kisses too tempting to resist . . .

(Information courtesy of

I really enjoyed this one! Jack was a great, hot hero. I enjoyed Lilith once we got to know her a little better...though I wanted to slap her; why on earth would she want to stay away from Jack?! (Yeah, I know - to further the story - but still....) When Jack and Lilith are involved in a duke's death (he deserved it!), the story really gets rolling. I will definitely be searching on more books from Enoch.

My Rating: ****

Darker Than Night (Shadow Guard, Book 3) by Kim Lenox

Countess Selene is the Shadow Guard's only female member. She sacrificed herself to save the people of London and is now under a sleeping spell in the Tower of London, guarded by Raven warriors. When she awakens on a dark street with a blade in her hand and a dead prostitute at her feet, everything changes. Now she must face an ancient enemy, with only a reclusive, secretive warrior to trust...

(Information courtesy of

Is this a beautiful book cover, or what? I found myself staring at it quite frequently! LOL. I must admit, I think this series is just phenomenal. Lenox has done a remarkable job with the mythology of the Shadow Guard. Selene was not a favorite character of mine in the previous books (though I loved her relationship with her beloved snake), but she really grew on me with this story. And Roarke? Incredibly hot and favorite type of hero! There was no cliffhanger at the end of the book; yet I hope that this series will continue. Whatever Lenox comes up with next will definitely be on my automatic to-buy list.

My rating: *****

Tempt Me At Twilight (The Hathaways, Book 3) by Lisa Kleypas

Poppy Hathaway loves her unconventional family, though she longs for normalcy. Then fate leads to a meeting with Harry Rutledge, an enigmatic hotel owner and inventor with wealth, power, and a dangerous hidden life. When their flirtation compromises her own reputation, Poppy shocks everyone by accepting his proposal—only to find that her new husband offers his passion, but not his trust.

Harry was willing to do anything to win Poppy—except to open his heart. All his life, he has held the world at arm’s length…but the sharp, beguiling Poppy demands to be his wife in every way that matters. Still, as desire grows between them, an enemy lurks in the shadows. Now if Harry wants to keep Poppy by his side, he must forge a true union of body and soul, once and for all...

(Information courtesy of

I am so thankful for the day I first picked up a novel by Kleypas. She quickly has become one of my favorite authors ever. This has also got to be one of the best historical series EVER. All of the Hathaways are a delight so far. Though they've all dealt with hardship, the love and humor among them provides the backbone for the series. I really enjoyed the budding relationship between Harry and Poppy. Harry's dark childhood background added so much to the story, and made the romance much more special.

My Rating: *****

Married by Morning (The Hathaways, Book 4) by Lisa Kleypas

For two years, Catherine Marks has been a paid companion to the Hathaway sisters—a pleasant position, with one caveat. Her charges’ older brother, Leo Hathaway, is thoroughly exasperating. Cat can hardly believe that their constant arguing could mask a mutual attraction. But when one quarrel ends in a sudden kiss, Cat is shocked at her powerful response—and even more so when Leo proposes a dangerous liaison.

Leo must marry and produce an heir within a year to save his family home. Catherine’s respectable demeanor hides a secret that would utterly destroy her. But to Leo, Cat is intriguing and infernally tempting, even to a man resolved never to love again. The danger Cat tried to outrun is about to separate them forever—unless two wary lovers can find a way to banish the shadows and give in to their desires…

(Information courtesy of

I couldn't wait to read Leo's story! He was such a hot mess in the first book of the series; but he was a sympathetic character, so I wanted to know more. Since the first story, he has been slowly putting his life back together. His relationship with "Marks" until now was like oil and water. Here it was absolutely combustible! I loved the snarking between them. It was touching for them to get over their sad pasts and find love with unlikely partners. The secret relationship between Harry (from "Tempt Me at Twilight") really added to the book. I just adore Leo!

My Rating: *****

Love in the Afternoon (The Hathaways, Book 5) by Lisa Kleypas

As a lover of animals and nature, Beatrix Hathaway has always been more comfortable outdoors than in the ballroom. Even though she participated in the London season in the past, the classic beauty and free-spirited Beatrix has never been swept away or seriously courted…and she has resigned herself to the fate of never finding love. Has the time come for the most unconventional of the Hathaway sisters to settle for an ordinary man—just to avoid spinsterhood?

Captain Christopher Phelan is a handsome, daring soldier who plans to marry Beatrix’s friend, the vivacious flirt Prudence Mercer, when he returns from fighting abroad. But, as he explains in his letters to Pru, life on the battlefield has darkened his soul—and it’s becoming clear that Christopher won’t come back as the same man. When Beatrix learns of Pru’s disappointment, she decides to help by concocting Pru’s letters to Christopher for her. Soon the correspondence between Beatrix and Christopher develops into something fulfilling and deep…and when Christopher comes home, he’s determined to claim the woman he loves. What began as Beatrix’s innocent deception has resulted in the agony of unfulfilled love—and a passion that can’t be denied…

(Information courtesy of

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This series can't be over - it just can't be!!! I loved it so much! The description of this book didn't sound that great to me - yep, this story has been done before - but it was simply marvelous. Beatrix has been so entertaining in all the previous books. Her love of animals was so endearing, especially her hedgehog. The letters between Christopher and Beatrix were so beautiful, seeing them falling for each other. But then Christopher returns home, suffering from PTSD, and things become difficult. This couple was one of my favorite in this series. I enjoyed all of it - have to love a series that makes you both blubber like a baby and laugh out loud. If you are a fan of historical romances, don't let this one pass you by.

My Rating: *****

Living Nightmare (Sentinel Wars, Book 4) by Shannon K. Butcher

For nine years, the Sentinel Nika has had one goal-to save her younger sister from the Synestryn who hold her captive. Now, the psychic bond Nika forged with her sibling on that terrible night is fading, and time is running out. But the one man who can unlock the power inside her may be the greatest danger to her.

(Information courtesy of

First of all, this series of books has beautiful covers. (Yes, you know by now that covers are very important to me!) I enjoyed this foray into the world of the Sentinels as much as I did the others. There is plenty of action here to go along with the romance. I've always liked the idea that their life tree leaves show how much soul the Sentinel has left, and how some try to hide this from their brethren. Nika and Madoc have great chemistry, even though Madoc tries to distance himself. I believe there's plenty of more life in this series - there are plenty more Sentinels whose stories need telling. Also, I'm very intrigued by the Sanguinars.

My Rating: ****

Scandal of the Season by Christie Kelley

A Daring Charade...

For ten years, Anthony Westfield, Viscount Somerton, hasn't been able to forget the woman with whom he spent one scandalous night. When their paths cross again, he's shocked to discover Victoria Seaton is an accomplished pickpocket. But Somerton leads a double life of his own. Working on an undercover assignment, he makes Victoria a proposition: pretend to be his mistress or risk ruin. Yet soon he's tempted to turn their charade into reality—and surrender to an explosive passion...

A Holiday To Remember...

Victoria can't believe the man who almost destroyed her life a decade ago is now threatening to unravel her secrets. But posing as his mistress at a holiday country party is a game she can play well. For just one look into Somerton's eyes still weakens her with lust. And with Christmas fast approaching, every kiss they share under the mistletoe only makes Victoria fall more deeply in love...

(Information courtesy of

Our boy Anthony sure does have quite the smirk on this book cover, no? I wanted Victoria to wipe it right off of him! Since Christmas was coming up, I was in the mood for some books with a seasonal theme. It's been a while since I read this, and I must admit I really don't recall all that much about it. So while an entertaining way to spend the day, it wasn't very memorable. I do remember liking the idea that Victoria was a pickpocket - it's usually the hero with a sordid past. I liked this book enough to try others by Ms. Kelley.

My Rating: ***

Enemy Within (Enemy, Book 1) by Marcella Burnard

An intergalactic cold war-and some heated passion- from an inventive new voice in futuristic romance.

After a stint in an alien prison, Captain Ari Rose wonders why she even bothered to survive. Stripped of her command and banished to her father's scientific expedition to finish a Ph.D. she doesn't want, Ari never planned to languish quietly behind a desk. She wasn't built for it, either. But when pirates commandeer her father's ship, Ari once again becomes a prisoner.

As far as pirate leader Cullin is concerned, Ari's past imprisonment puts her dead center in Cullin's sights. If she hasn't been brainwashed and returned as a spy, then he's convinced she must be part of a traitorous alliance endangering billions of lives. Cullin can't afford the desire she fires within him and he'll stop at nothing, including destroying her, to uncover the truth.

(Information courtesy of

I was a bit hesitant to get this one, because I'm not a huge fan of what I consider science fiction. But there were some great reviews of this book on Amazon, so I decided to give this futuristic romance a shot. And I'm so glad I did! I think this was a sensational debut novel by Burnard, and I can't wait until the next in the series comes out. Ari was one kick-ass heroine! It's not that she wasn't afraid of anything, but that she was able to push through her fear. She'd been through so much before Cullin took over her ship. And Cullin? ~sigh~ I did love me some Cullin. At first the "techie" terms were a little confusing, but that passed quickly as I became engrossed in the story. Fantastic book.

My Rating: *****

A Season of Seduction (Tristan Family, Book 3) by Jennifer Haymore

Although the widowed Lady Rebecca has sworn off marriage, men are another matter. London's cold winter nights have her dreaming of warmer pursuits-like finding a lover to satisfy her hungry heart. Someone handsome, discreet, and most importantly as uninterested in marriage as she is. Someone like Jack Fulton.

A known adventurer and playboy, Jack seems like the perfect choice. There's just one problem: Jack isn't interested in an affair. He needs the beautiful, mysterious Lady Rebecca to be his wife. And he doesn't have much time to persuade her. A secret from Jack's past is about to surface, and by Christmas Day he'll be either married to Rebecca or dead.

(Information courtesy of

I loved Haymore's first two books, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on this one. I wanted to rip right into it, but waited closer to Christmas since it had a bit of a Christmas theme. It was every bit as good as I had hoped. We were introduced to Rebecca in the previous books, and saw her development from a naive young girl to a disillusioned widow who just wanted a lover. And Jack is the man she picked. Jack has dark secrets, and needs to marry Rebecca. I loved the scene when Rebecca decides to sleep with Jack for the first time. The romance between the two was erotic. Though Jack needed the marriage and was deceptive, you couldn't help but fall in love with him, just as Rebecca did. I believe this is the last of this series, but I'm excited to learn that she has a new one coming out this year. Woohoooo!

My Rating: *****

Kiss of Fate (Dragonfire, Book 3) by Deborah Cooke

For millennia, the shape-shifting dragon warriors known as the Pyr have commanded the four elements and guarded the earth's treasures. But now the final reckoning between the Pyr, who count humans among the earth's treasures, and the Slayers, who would eradicate both humans and the Pyr who protect them, is about to begin.

Haunted by dreams of a lover who takes the form of a dragon, Eileen Grosvenor searches for the truth. She never expects to find a real dragon shape shifter, let alone one who awakens her passion and ignites memories of a forgotten past.

Erik Sorensson is focused on leading the Pyr against the Slayers when a powerful ancient relic reveals itself. Erik tries to retrieve it from Eileen's possession—and is shocked by a fury of passion. Her presence touches him in unexpected ways, reminding him of mistakes he's determined not to make again, and Erik is forced to make a choice—duty or love.

(Information courtesy of

This series simply gets better and better. I think this is the best of the 3 that I've read so far. (And dammit, I wish I could find the next book! I have it, but it's buried in one of my piles.) Erik's been one of the more intriguing Pyr that we've met to date. Though I think the romance between Erik and Eileen was great, the relationship I enjoyed reading about the most was the one between Erik and his son, who was a Slayer. Lots of action and plenty of romance, this one's a winner.

My Rating: **** 1/2

Midnight Awakening (Midnight Breed, Book 3) by Lara Adrian

With a dagger in her hand and vengeance on her mind, Darkhaven beauty Elise Chase prowls Boston’s streets in search of retribution against the Rogue vampires who took from her everything she cherished. Using an extraordinary psychic gift, she tracks her prey, well aware that the power she possesses is destroying her. She must learn to harness this gift, and for that she can turn to only one man—the deadliest of the Breed warriors, Tegan.

No stranger to loss, Tegan knows Elise’s pain. He knows fury, but when he slays his enemies it is with ice in his veins. He is perfect in his self-control, until Elise seeks his aid in her personal war. An unholy alliance is forged—a bond that will link them by blood and vow—and plunge them into a tempest of danger, desire, and the darkest passions of the heart. . . .

(Information courtesy of

This is definitely a don't miss series. I must point out, do not read them out of order. I think the progression of the storyline is very important and some things won't make sense out of order. Anyhooooo...I loved the pairing of Tegan and Elise. We met Eileen in a previous book, and she is such a sympathetic character. She's been through hell, but has the strength to pursue revenge. And when she's forced to rely on Tegan for help, things start to sizzle. If you like your heroes to be alpha males, well, then Tegan is for you. Fantastic world-building, which only gets better as the series progresses.

My Rating: **** 1/2

Vow of Seduction (Knights of the Crusade, Book 1) by Angela Johnson

Sworn to support King Edward, Sir Alex de Beaumont had to leave his new bride on their wedding night to fight in the Crusades. Captured and left to languish in a lonely prison, the warrior knight is kept alive by the memory of love - and of Lady Katherine's innocent passion as she cried out his name in ecstasy and made him her own. Upon his escape and return to England, he is shocked to find his beloved is about to marry another man...Kat refuses to forgive him. But Alex will not be gainsaid. He vows to seduce her all over again and his searching kisses reawaken the sensual fire they once knew - until an enemy determined to destroy them both closes in. Now Alex must risk everything for the one woman whose love he wants forever...

(Information courtesy of

I really enjoyed this one! Alex was rather naive emotionally when he married Katherine; however, he certainly changed when he was captured during the Crusades and went through untold horrors. Alex reappears when Katherine is in the midst of marrying another man (Alex was believed to be dead). Things get explosive rather quickly. I thought it was great when Alex realized he wanted to always be with Katherine, and did his damndest to change her mind about him. Great characters, engaging story, with heat and action. Looking forward to the next one.

My Rating: **** 1/2

Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman (London's Greatest Lovers, Book 2) by Lorraine Heath

As the black sheep second son of an Earl, Stephen Lyons has gained a reputation in the art of seduction, but when his wicked ways result in scandal, he joins the army to redeem himself. On the battlefield, he proves courageous ...until he is seriously wounded. Returning home to recover, he discovers he can't remember the angelic beauty who arrives at his doorstep, his babe nestled in her arms.

Mercy Dawson will risk everything to protect the son of the dashing soldier she once knew and admired. When Stephen offers to do the honorable thing, she is determined that London's most notorious gentleman will desire her and no other. But Mercy fears that what began as an innocent deception could destroy her dreams and their blossoming love if Stephen ever learns the scandalous truth ...

They are masters of seduction, London's greatest lovers. Living for pleasure, they will give their hearts to no one ...until love takes them by surprise.

(Information courtesy of

The first book I read by Lorraine Heath was "Passions of a Wicked Earl", the first of this series. Glad I decided to start reading her work! We were introduced to Stephen in the previous book, and he was quite a scoundrel. He joined the army to redeem himself, where he was gravely injured, resulting in a loss of memory. Mercy appears, thinking that Stephen has died...well, surprise! Things heat up between the two as Stephen struggles to recover and Mercy struggles to keep a monumental secret. The blossoming romance was quite touching, and I admit parts of this book had me bawling. I just adored Stephen - I can see why Mercy did!

My Rating: *****