TBR Piles

I have just a few "To Be Read" piles at my house.  I keep them all in my home office/library.  It's my sanctuary!

This is the left side of my wall unit.

And this would be the left side of the wall unit.

These book bags full of books are behind my recliner.

This full book bag is behind my cabinet full of beading supplies.

These are the books piled on top of my book cabinet.

Here's the middle of the book cabinet, crammed full.

And to finish the tour of TBR books, this is the bottom portion of the book cabinet, with book bags full of books and piles on  top of those.

12-Step Program needed?

Oh, the above pile has gotten a little taller!

And here's a new one.  The blue tote is filled with books.

No....No OCD here!