Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Toy!

Yep, I definitely had to get one of these! I love my electronic toys - especially my Kindle. My Dad went ahead and ordered a new Kindle Touch with 3G (he already has a Kindle Keyboard) and ordered my nephew a Kindle Touch with Wi-Fi for Christmas. I have a Kindle Keyboard and a Nook 1st generation, and I love them both (but prefer the Kindle, as I've already stated). But I NEEDED one of these! Didn't have the money for it, so the folks lent it to me and ordered it for me. I can't wait!!!! Besides wanting it so I can use apps to play, I also loved the idea of being able to hold another 6000 books. Seriously, you wouldn't believe all the stuff I've got on my two e-readers already.

I'm also thinking about getting Amazon Prime. I was thinking $79 a year was a lot, but when broken down, it's only about $7 a month. And there are some pretty good movies and t.v. shows you can get with Prime.

Seriously, it's a sickness.

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