Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm pitiful...

I am totally ashamed of myself. Since I got my Kindle and Nook, I've spent so much time reading and looking for freebies and good deals that I haven't done a freaking damn review for MONTHS. I have 4 huge piles of books sitting on my desk awaiting reviews, plus lots of sticky notes with all the e-books I've read written on them.

I know there is no way in hell that I can catch up doing a review for every single book in these stacks. Some of them I don't even remember what they were about! I'll have to pick and choose the ones that people would really care about. And maybe some minis for some of the others. I'm gonna start tomorrow. If I get at least ONE done, I know I'll be able to get back on track.

Hey, at least I've finally broken my "I've not posted in forever" status!

New Toy!

Yep, I definitely had to get one of these! I love my electronic toys - especially my Kindle. My Dad went ahead and ordered a new Kindle Touch with 3G (he already has a Kindle Keyboard) and ordered my nephew a Kindle Touch with Wi-Fi for Christmas. I have a Kindle Keyboard and a Nook 1st generation, and I love them both (but prefer the Kindle, as I've already stated). But I NEEDED one of these! Didn't have the money for it, so the folks lent it to me and ordered it for me. I can't wait!!!! Besides wanting it so I can use apps to play, I also loved the idea of being able to hold another 6000 books. Seriously, you wouldn't believe all the stuff I've got on my two e-readers already.

I'm also thinking about getting Amazon Prime. I was thinking $79 a year was a lot, but when broken down, it's only about $7 a month. And there are some pretty good movies and t.v. shows you can get with Prime.

Seriously, it's a sickness.