Saturday, July 9, 2011

I WAS on a roll....

That certainly didn't last very long, did it? Because I've been reading like a crazy person. My "read" pile may very well kill me if it topples over.

What's even worse? Well, I spend hours upon hours looking for free and reduced books on Amazon for my Kindle. And if that wasn't enough, now I've got a new Nook! We had gotten one for Dad for Father's Day and his birthday. It was a used one, and kept dying. So he gave up and bought a Kindle. Well, the Nook sat for months, and finally decided to call B&N and see what they said. And they shipped us a brand new one! And this one was 3G, which the other one was not. Hubby wanted to sell it, but I convinced him to let me keep it. Hehe. So now I look for free books for the Nook, too.

Kindle vs. Nook? I have to say that the Kindle is the clear winner for me. (Though I wouldn't give up my Nook for anything!) The touch screen on the Nook doesn't thrill me, and I find the Kindle to be much more user friendly. Also, I find I get better deals for e-books on Amazon. But I like that the memory of the Nook can be expanded. (Especially since Kindle is 1/2 full already!) I do love my e-readers! (I've mainly been reading paper books still, because I have a TON of them that I got before the e-readers.)

Hubby and I had a brief vacation in Santa Fe, NM. It was hot, but beautiful. The dry heat is much more comfortable than the humidity we have here. I met up with some of my dearest friends ever, and we had a blast.

Let me give props to Four Star Tattoo in Santa Fe. Me and a couple of the girls got our 2nd tattoos there. Guido did mine, and he does beautiful work. (Plus he's got a hot Italian accent that makes you melt!) You can tell from mine just how much I really love books.


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  2. I love your tat, girl! Beautiful and clever, just like you!