Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recently Read - The Pirate Next Door by Jennifer Ashley

From Booklist:

Alexandra Alastair's new next-door neighbor, Grayson Finley, is nothing like the other men on her list of potential second husbands. Rescuing Grayson from ruffians, and then discovering that he not only has a young daughter but a pirate past, further convinces Alexandra that Grayson is far too different from the other respectable, suitable men on her list to ever be considered as proper husband material. But despite her best intentions, Alexandra discovers she can't stay away from the distractingly sexy nobleman, even if it means helping him battle a long-standing rival and find the whereabouts of a missing French king. Ashley begins with a perfect pair of protagonists who are equally matched when it comes to cleverness and courage, adds some wickedly fun secondary characters who occasionally threaten to steal the book, and then mixes in lots of intrigue and some richly sensual lovescenes to create a witty and splendidly magical romance. John Charles
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My Thoughts:

I simply adored this book! I enjoyed everything about it: the romance, the characters, the story, the love scenes and the humor. This is just one of those times when everything seemed to come together perfectly. The dialogue between Grayson and Alexandra was quite amusing, though there was an undercurrent of melancholy due to their pasts. I particularly enjoyed the scene where Grayson discovers Alexandra's list of potential husbands. Pirates and a love story - can't beat it.

Rating: *****

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