Saturday, April 10, 2010

Currently Reading - Midnight Eyes by Sarah Brophy

The bastard son of a Norman nobleman, Robert Beaumont has blossomed into one of England's fiercest killers - and has found himself well paid for his talents. But now the time has come for him to set aside his sword. The king has agreed to reward him for his last service with an estate...on one condition: Robert must marry the sitting tenant - the infamous Lady "Deformed". For years, Imogen Colebrook has lived in the ramshackle Saxon keep, the virtual prisoner of her cruel, sadistic brother, the man responsible for her deformity - and for wedding her to a dangerous man. Yet, on Robert's arrival, Imogen nearly brings the hardened warrior to his knees. For she is a vision of unparalleled beauty - living in a world without sight. Drawn to her courageous spirit, Robert gently draws Imogen out of her tortured past. But with her brother always lurking in the shadows, Imogen's newfound sanctuary in Robert's arms is in danger of being destroyed - unless her salvaged heart can find a way out of the darkness...

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My Review:

This was Sarah Brophy's debut novel....and I hope to read many more by her. I think she got off to a great start with this book. Both of the lead characters were quite engaging, and you rooted for them to get together. Imogen, also referred to as "Lady Deformed", is blind. She, and her estate, are promised to Robert for his service to the king....or so they think. As Robert manages to bring Imogen back to life, I often smiled at the interaction between them. Then Imogen's sadistic brother comes back into her life, wreaking havoc. It's a great story, with humor, suspense, and of

Rating: ****

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