Thursday, April 22, 2010

Currently Reading - The Untamed One (Wild Wulfs of London, Book 2) by Ronda Thompson

Running from angry villagers and the man who ravaged her, the witch Lucinda flees into the forest to have her child. But Lord Jackson Wulf hunts her down, believing her death will break the family curse that transforms him into a monster. Instead of killing the witch, Jackson is moved by her beauty and desperate plight. And Lucinda seizes the chance to find safety for herself and her babe when a bargain is struck between this outcast woman and this doomed man—and sealed by their marriage in name only…

In return for his protection, Lucinda has promised that her magick can free Jackson from his torment. But this pretty witch soon finds herself in danger of being seduced by Jackson’s charms and pursued by the man who would see both her and her child dead. Can she trust a Wulf with her safety and the safety of her child? Can she trust her heart to Jackson? To surrender to a Wulf is a terrible risk, for love will either unleash the beast within the man...or finally set him free.

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My Thoughts:

I wish there was more than 3 books in this series, because I just love it! I really enjoyed the first one, and this one is actually even better. Jackson was introduced in the first book as a womanizer and a drunkard. So he's got some major problems besides the family curse. He looks for Lucinda (a witch) to kill her, but meets her as she's about to give birth. And then we have two wonderful leads with great chemistry. I enjoyed everything about this story, but the characters really shined. There was action, passion and shifter - it's ALL good!

Rating: *****

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