Sunday, May 2, 2010

Currently Reading - Parallel Heat (Midnight Warriors, Book 2) by Deidra Knight

In Parallel Attraction, Deidre Knight created an unforgettable alternate world of danger, seduction and the mysteries of time. Here she returns to that world as alien warrior Marco McKinley is enlisted to personally protect beautiful human solider Thea Haven. Now, as two sworn enemies are pitted against each other, their lives will be changed forever by the unpredictable perils of love, betrayal, vengeance and passion.

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My Thoughts:

The second book was even better than the first! I thought that talk of a parallel universe would be confusing, but luckily it's not. One of the things I love about Knight's books are that the secondary characters are just as memorable as the leads. We were introduced to Marco and Theo in Parallel Attraction. Marco is a fantastic tortured alpha male who denies himself what he feels for Thea. Thea seems to have grown and matured since the first book. This story has action, adventure and romance. Very hot.

Rating: ****1/2

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