Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Currently Reading - The Demon's Daughter (Tales of the Demon World, Book 1) by Emma Holly

It's Inspector Adrian Philips's job to keep the peace between humans and demons in Avvar. Part demon, part human, he's hated by both sides. But when he meets Roxanne, a fellow outcast, he finds in her everything his soul needs--and his body yearns for. The question is, will the exquisite pleasure they find together be worth the dangerous wrath of their enemies?

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My Thoughts:

Hot. Very, very hot. The story was certainly original, as was the world building. I had a little trouble picturing it, though. The setting was compared to VIctorian England, yet there were some modern devices, which made it a little odd for me. Adrian and Roxanne made an odd, fascinating couple. He was quite reserved and proper, and she was an artist and very feisty. The thing I really liked was that Roxanne wasn't really a raving beauty, but there was such attraction between these two people and it made her beautiful. There was some great suspense. Oh, and did I mention it was HOT?

Rating: ****

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