Saturday, May 8, 2010

Currently Reading - Lord of Temptation by Paula Quinn

Paula Quinn is quickly become a favorite of mine!

EVERY WOMAN'S DESIRE Norman lord Dante Risande never met a woman he couldn't seduce…until a lovely slave named Gianelle refuses his bed and piques his interest. So when she's accused of murder, he can't sit idly by. As the King's right hand, it's his duty to investigate. But in order to save her, he must buy her. NO MAN'S POSSESSION A slave all her life, Gianelle wants nothing to do with men. Especially this silver-eyed, velvet tongued warrior. What she wants is her freedom, not to become another of Dante's conquests. But as the only suspect in the killing of her last master, she has no choice except to put her faith in Dante…a man who questions everything, including her innocence.

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My Thoughts:

Medieval romance is a new passion of mine, and this one was just wonderful! Just something about it got to me. Paula Quinn is another new favorite. The two leads were perfect foils for each other. I do love my warriors, and Dante is one of the hottest. There was some exciting action, and a good mystery - did Gianelle kill her master? And the romance.....ahhhh, the romance. Exactly what you're looking for in this genre.

Rating: *****

Oh, I saw The Backup Plan at the movies today. Alex O'Loughlin is in it. Will definitely put some pictures in your head of male perfection when you read romance novels!

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