Sunday, June 27, 2010

Claimed by a Scottish Lord by Melody Thomas

The Dragon's Captive

Raised behind the walls of Hope Abbey, Rose Lancaster's sheltered upbringing never prepared her for a man like Lord Roxburghe. The fabled "Black Dragon," Ruark Kerr hasn't been seen in his Scottish homeland for more than a decade—and now he has burst into Rose's world to take her hostage, intending to trade her for the life of his young brother. But Rose does not fear this savage, powerful lord . . . and she guards a dangerous secret.

Villainy called Ruark back to the borderlands, but now that he's claimed his "prize" his path is less certain. If he does not turn her over to his enemy, a boy may die. Yet gentle, lovely Rose soothes his vengeful spirit, and the longer she remains with him, the hotter his passion for her burns.

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This was due out on June 29, but BAM actually got it out early. There was nothing new or different about this book, but it was a lovely way to spend a rainy Sunday. The fiery Scotsman takes a beautiful woman captive, and they fall in love. (Yeah, I gave away the ending....but COME ON, you know it's gonna happen!) But it was still a lot of fun. Didn't have to wait for over half the book to get done before they decide to have sex, and the characters were endearing. Though raised behind the walls of an abbey, Rose was no delicate little flower. Romantic and entertaining.

Rating: ****

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